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I recently worked on an Illustrated letters project A- Z. The letters are inspired by the bold, edgy graffiti aesthetic, character design, the fine black line and expressive text present in Comic Books. They offer a unique blend of pop-cultural elements made possible through my exploration of the themes of freshness and reinvention via the breaking down and expressive reconstruction of homogeneous established forms, in this case the ubiquitous letters.

I created them using a combination of traditional and digital media. The Illustrated letters present letters in their secondary state, a state where they exist as images not just as elements that make words and sentences possible.

The 26 letters are part of my ongoing daily drawing project Draw365 and they also represent my deep interest in challenging the widely held view that Graphic Design is a discipline that exists solely for the passing of commercial messages.



For more information, feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Karo Akpokiere
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