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10.10.12. I was one of four artists involved in creating designs for a limited edition collection of wooden Iphone cases. It was a collaborative effort between Love Through Design, Haydanhuya and the selected artists in aid of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) projects.

For more information about the project, click the link below:


before 24hrs

I recently printed "before 24hrs we stared at lines with colour", one of the drawings from my daily drawing project on t-shirts.

The drawing is inspired by growing up in the 80's at a time when T.V programming was far from 24hrs . I have vivid memories of getting home from school and patiently waiting for the programmes to come on air by 4pm but until they did, I stared at the T.V colour bars and listened to the hypnotic sound that the set produced.

Before 24hrs is limited to 20 t-shirts and is available in male and female cuts.

The t-shirt can be gotten here:


Sketch for an illustration (Fuel Pump Millionaires) I created for I-jusi magazineʼs 27th issue – "Music Issue" (LP Cover Issue). The illustration can be seen b clicking the link below:


20.08.2012. I created two illustrations for Noah's Ark, an Advertising Agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. The illustrations got featured in The Luerzer's Archive (Volume No.3. 2012). To view the illustrations, click on the link below:



17.08.2012. I was a resident artist at the A word of Art Residency, Cape Town, South Africa from June 18 - July 17 2012. While in Cape Town, I painted my first mural outside of Nigeria in Gympie street, Woodstock. Painting the mural gave me the opportunity to share my work and interact with people young and old in the community.

Photos of the mural from start to finish can be seen by clicking on the link below:


03.06.2012. I created an opentype cross platform font using Fontographer. It's my first attempt at creating a keyable font and I am glad with the outcome.

Words are an indelible part of everyday life and fonts provide us with the opportunity to string words together to express ourselves. It feels good to be in a position were I can create fonts that can be used to express self and I look deeply forward to making a font set complete with numbers and punctuation marks sometime soon.

The font is named BitSyringe and you can download it by clicking:

The font is for non- commercial use. If you intend to use commercially send me an email at karo (at) seekproject (dot) com

Font Details

Name: BitSyringe version 1.0

Fomat: OpenType OTF.

Platform: Mac, Windows and Linux compatible.

Copyright: 2011 - 2012. Karo Akpokiere.


BitSyringe is a collection of letters inspired by drill bits, medical syringes and geometry. The letters maintain a stark, rigid, comical presence and yet manage to exude a hard-edged angular elegance that makes the individuality and rhythm of each letter evident despite their sameness of form.

BitSyringe is a collection of contradictions and a celebration of the modification of line's expressive value.


. I am on the LTD EDN (Love Through Design) Artist list. The full list of Artists can be seen on the LTD EDN website by clicking here.


. It feels great to be back on this page! My apologies for the lack of posts. I really have a lot to share starting from now, right about now!

The downloads page of my website has got drawings, wallpapers and even music that can be accessed freely. In my practice, I believe in striking a balance between work that can be accessed freely and work that is paid for. Beyond serving as a way for me to contribute to the creative cycle I have had the privilege to benefit from, creating work that can be accessed freely extends the reach of my work and connects me with people who put my work through uses I probably would not have thought of - people like Klem from Slovenia.

Klem sent me a photo (image above) of how he used my Curvy Line Army download to add colour to his biker jacket. Thank you Klem for the usage and the photo!.

The Curvy line army and other downloads can be found on the newly updated downloads page by clicking here. The new update includes an alphabet set called Bitsyringe and a desktop wallpaper.



Photo courtesy: VOC

Poster courtesy: Skate For Homies.

12.02.12. Last year, I created my first skateboard deck graphics (top image). It was for a Varsity of Community x SeekProject collaboration in aid of The Skate for Homies Foundation's Fall Art Sale were all the boards made were auctioned. Process images for the project can be seen by clicking here.

I have never kicked and pushed before but, the 'neverness' has not stopped me from loving the sport of Skateboarding. I got conscious of it in the mid-nineties courtesy of ESPN'S X games. The clothes the boarders wear, the casualness of the sport, the deck artwork and the stunts the boarders pull off have never seized to fascinate me. Skateboarding in many ways has influenced the work I produce and characters on boards are a constant feature in my sketches. This project as a great way for me to connect my interest in making my drawings avccesible and visible with my interest in skateboarding.

Thank you Ray for making this project happen.


Some of my drawings are featured in HoopDoop Magazine's Special Drawing Issue #3. The magazine can be seen online by clicking here.

DRAWING SPECIAL ISSUE #3 : FEATURING: Russ Mills, Teresa Orazio, Constanine Vraziotis, Karo Akpokiere, Carne Griffiths, Blackmaui, Princess Mia, Fieno. Thank you Attilio for making this happen.

Cover image by Russ Mills.


11.02.12. It's a month and 11days days into 2012 and I am glad to present my first post for the year. It's a bit awkward typing Happy new year at this time, this is so because I have had to pay attention to some commisioned work and also deal with the most erratic of internet connections. I really do wish all that visit this website a wonderful year filled with happiness and opportunities for growth. The drawings above are some of the first I created for the year.

I will be making posts regarding projects from last year in the coming days. :-).


25.12.11. I created a card for the Christmas season and it can be downloaded by clicking here. The card features colours that are reflective of the season, colours neatly composed in an intricate pattern of lines that evoke feelings of warmth, love and togetherness.

Merry christmas and a wonderful year ahead!. :-).


07.12.11. I made a contribution to Pictoplasma's Missing Link Research Project. The selected drawings from the project will be shown at the La gaite-lyrique in Paris from the 7 - 31 December 2011. The drawing above is my contribution to the show.

About the drawing.

Moved by the kindness of the Yeti in Herge's Tintin in Tibet, this Yeti was inspired to join the revered Yeti Benevolence Brigade whose sole aim is to ceaselessly roam the vast expense of land they inhabit in order to seek out and care for stranded humans.

To find out more about the missing link research project, La gaite-lyrique and pictoplasma click the links below:

the missing link research project

La gaite-lyrique



03.12.11. Early this week for the first time, I got to use a Wacom Cintiq to create this drawing and I totally enjoyed the experience! As I used the Cintiq, I was immediately taken by the remarkable intuitiveness of the pen and how close it felt to drawing on paper, I also couldn't help but think of the range of possibilities that using the Cintiq offers for collaboration, performance art , education and publishing ( you can document a Cintiq drawing session make a video or a book out of it and share).

Drawing with analogue tools remains a major interest, an interest I am not giving up on anytime soon but, I recognize the amount of time I can let off and the rise in productivity levels I can achieve using a Cintiq so I intend getting one for myself as soon as possible and use it to possibly equal out the balance between the creation of analogue and digital drawings in my practice.

Thank you Sam and Dapo for making this experience happen for me.


25.11.11. My illustrated letters project is featured in the book: New Typography 2 by Zeixs. Zeixs is a portal for interactive books for designers – founded by the publishing house Feierabend Unique Books and the design agency 12ender.

To get a copy of the book please click here.


25.11.11. I contributed a drawing to I-jusi's 26th issue : Afrika Typografika. This issue featured "artwork with lettering or typography as the principal conceptual or visual element...... so as to continue the ijusi mantra to “encourage and promote a visual language rooted in the African experience…”

My entry "No King as God" is the image on the right (image above) and it was inspired by the religious text present on most Lagos City transit buses and a modified form of a lizard present on a scraped calabash from Ghana.

The left image " Hottentot is by Ingrid Winterbach. To find out more about I-jusi visit


23.11.11. I have quite a lot of news to share since my last post in September and in the coming days from today I will be bringing the news to you!

The image above was my contribution to Gemma Randall's Outsmart project. It was also one of the drawings exhibited at Smart Car Uk's Urban Stage event and the Smart Car Festival that took place in May and September 2011 respectively.

Photos courtesy N. Pobjoy


A drawing of mine (image above) was shown at The Dreaming Hazel Dooney exhibition, the exhibition was at the Latrobe Contemporary Gallery in Morwell, Victoria, Australia from the 10th - 24th September 2011. Dreaming Hazel Dooney featured works "inspired by the online persona of controversial Australian artist and feminist provocateur, Hazel Dooney".

The rationale behind the drawing and the process images can be seen by clicking here


My first solo exhibition in Lagos, Nigeria took place from the 10th-29th September( 5day extension). Setup photos, opening day photos and photos from an artworkshop I held for Primary school students during the exhibition can be seen by clicking here.

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