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A Word of Art Residency. 2012.

I was a resident artist at the A word of Art in Cape Town, South Africa from June 18 - July 17 2012.

While in Cape Town, I painted a mural in Gympie street, Woodstock, Cape Town. Painting the mural gave me the opportunity to share my work and interact with people young and old in the community. It was a huge learning and sharing experience for me and I look forward to painting more walls locally and internationally. Process images of the mural from start to finish can be seen below.

About the mural.

Woodstock is home to lots of fabric houses and factory stores so I decided to paint a pattern on the wall as a way of acknowledging the connection Woodstock has with the textile and clothing industry and also as a way for me to connect further with my interests in the lines, colours and shapes that form patterns and give textiles their vibe.



Much gratitude to the landlord and his family for letting me paint their wall, much thanks to Mike Maka, LX ONE, Indi go and Ricky Lee Gordon for the painting tips and encouragement.

To the residents of Gympie Street and Cornwall ( young and old) who came by while I painted thank you for the support and the kind words.


For more information, feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Karo Akpokiere

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