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BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Art Project

Some of Karo Akpokiere's drawings can be seen on BRT (bus rapid transit) buses moving from the mainland to the island in Lagos, Nigeria. Think of it as an art exhibition in motion.

It is a public art project that is part of Goethe Institut, Nigeria's 50th year anniversary celebrations and the recently concluded lagos_live arts festival.

The project is about taking art out of the gallery into the public space and facilitating new connections between artist and audience.

"I am really excited about art occupying the same space advertising occupies in Lagos and I'm glad my work serves as an alternative to the daily messages that urge us to see, buy, fly, attend etc. I look forward to seeing how people react to the artwork(s) and how their presence has an impact on what images we see in Lagos's visual landscape".



We look forward to the BRT Art Project becoming an annual event involving more artists both local and international.

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